Responding to our lead story last week, the Managing Director of the Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA), Muhunthan Canagey clarified that the Google Loon project will result in “limited Internet offered free though not unlimited Internet”.

“Taking away confusion on Google Loon Project. There will be limited Internet that will be free however not unlimited Internet.

The free capacity decision will be a policy decision by the government which will be from ICTA,” Canagey said in a tweet posted through his personal Twitter account on August 8.

Canagey also noted that the data capacity that will be given free will be announced shortly by ICTA after formalizing working arrangements with local Telecom operators. He however said that one can be rest assured the cost of internet (once the project is implemented) shall be drastically low and the free capacity offered would also be attractive.

“Directives will be passed through the Inter Ministerial Committee setup by the Cabinet under the ICTA Act of 2003,” Canagey who has over 20 years experience in Sri Lanka’s ICT sector, said.

Canagey further tweeted, “Why free limited Internet?” Internet is a Citizens Right”, it is our duty as the government to serve the citizens”.

Meanwhile, when a social media user questioned him whether the ICTA could guarantee that there will be no state electronic surveillance of private communications using free Wi-Fi, the Canagey responded positively.

“It’s just a base station in the sky. The uplinking to these balloons will be by local telecom operators,” Canagey who was appointed the Managing Director of the institution in the middle of February this year, said.