The Animal Welfare Coalition of Sri Lanka presented a pledge on animal welfare to all political parties in Sri Lanka, and urged them to promote animal welfare in the country. The pledge was submitted in the wake of growing number of incidents of animal cruelty issues reported in Sri Lanka.

Animal Welfare Coalition Convenor, Vositha Wijenayake called for collective support from all political parties and said, “We believe that a pledge can establish a higher animal welfare standard in the country. The public is largely aware of animal welfare as a crucial issue and we urge all political groups to firmly engage and take a progressive stand in safeguarding the welfare of animals in Sri Lanka.”

The Animal Welfare Coalition urged the parliamentarians to pass and implement the Bill on animal welfare, prevent animal cruelty in Sri Lanka and collaborate with organisations working on animal welfare.

Blue Paw Trust Director – Operations Dr. Ganga de Silva said, “Animal abuse is an indicator of serious problems and animal cruelty incidents should not be ignored. It has been proved that those who commit acts of animal cruelty have led to other crimes like violence against people, property crimes and drug or disorderly conduct offences. It is imperative that Sri Lanka has a robust animal welfare legislation.”

Sri Lanka has numerous animal protection organisations working on rabies vaccination, sheltering stray dogs, elephant protection, mitigating the human-elephant conflict and caring for domestic animals. Sathva Mithra President,Sagarika Rajakarunanayake said, “It is time we focus on the protection and the welfare of animals in the country. This is a cause that needs to be prioritised, and politicians need to act in order to ensure that cruelty to animals is prevented. This is crucial as compassion to all beings is part of our culture.”

The Animal Welfare Coalition becomes an important initiative as it promotes animal welfare, creates awareness on cruelty to animals, ensures the enactment of the animal welfare bill and upon having done so, to conduct trainings for practitioners of law and effective implementation of law.