Power and Energy Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka today challenged former President Mahinda Rajapaksa for an open debate on his connections with the defeated terror outfit; LTTE. “The former President was trying to wash his hands over the allegation of funding the LTTE while going on a war with them. He was making statements to the media just to show that he is clean” Minister Ranawaka told the media this morning at Battaramulla.

He denied the media’s argument that he was making this announcement a week before the election for just petty publicity and said that former President Rajapaksa’s respond to the allegation which he made compelled him to challenge him again for an open debate over the issue.

He also said that former MP Tiran Alles was playing a major role in the transactions with the LTTE and he had evidences to prove his affiliations with one of the key LTTE members; Emil Kanthan. “Rajapaksa initially paid for the LTTE to keep the voters at homes on the Election Day and later not to be attacked by them,” he added.

Minister Ranawaka also said that they will take legal actions against both the former President as well as former MP Tiran Alles.