Disaster began with the Mahinda-Sarath rift. This election may be the final outcome. Mahinda may very well learn what a mistake he did by breaking up with Sarath.

The Lesson
The lesson here is that even an enemy like Sarath is worthier than many friends like Mervyns. So Mahinda had to keep this enemy with him instead of keeping friends like Mervyn and many others.

There are constitutions, principles, manifestoes and many more things. But little or nothing depends on these later additions to civilization. Much depends on the age old things like friendship, compassion, understanding, forgiving etc. There are substitutes for these. The alliance lost these qualities and the rhetoric could not compensate.

Words and deeds
Wimal’s words are not as strong as the deeds of Sarath.

Ranil’s fight
Ranil had seen all this. He has not fought against Mahinda, but against himself and finally I think he is going to win.

Many things uttered and done by both the UNP and UPFA have made votes not for themselves but for the JVP. So this time as also in the past, the JVP’s campaign was done by the UNP and UPFA. JVP should understand this and try to improve.

Today the fight between the TV channels is fiercer than the fight between the political parties. They are canvassing for themselves.

We think we were born into this world to sacrifice our whole life for a job or a profession. One does not see a bigger world than one’s occupation. A job does the same thing for a man that a well does for a frog.

Wijayamuni Soysa stands on his own feet while others need Mahinda’s support.