March 12th Movement announces that they go for their next stage of efforts to have a culture of clean politics in Sri Lanka. March 12th declaration which was prepared by them had been presented to almost all the political parties in the country including the President Maithripala Sirisenan and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe.

In a statement to the media on Friday, the movement said, “Although the political parties have not been able to completely comply with the criterion of the 12th March Declaration, the March 12th Movement has been successful in creating an opportunity to citizens to be more aware of who were given nominations for the forthcoming Parliamentary election.”
They have decided to address the voters just after their address and approach to the political parties to give nominations only for clean candidates. They remind the general public about the importance of a general election as it is not another Provincial Council or Local Authorities elections. “It is a vital election where you decide your future and your unborn child’s future and most importantly the future of a nation,” it says.

“Thus be wise to send only those who have the knowledge, understanding, capacity and the drive. Whatever party you vote, if you have elect the good 225 candidates you have made your voice heard, it will determine the turns we take and the roads we cross on our path to fulfill prosperity. So we request you, the citizens of Sri Lanka, to follow the following criteria in electing your representatives.”

The Movement has also provided some criteria to judge your representatives. Those who have the following attributes: (a) Knowledge, experience and drive to make Laws for the betterment of the country and its future, (b) His/ her Knowledge, experience and drive to constitute principles which are suitable to the country, (c) Does he/she have knowledge on finance to rule a country? (d) Is he/she engaged in a decent way of earning? (e) Is he/her a person who respects the nature? (f) Is he/she can protect the racial harmony? (f) Is he/her maintains a good rapport with the voter? (g) Has he/she declared assets ?
They invite the voters to be careful, logical, and thoughtful as one vote could count the future of the country.