Sunil Handunneththi

The leftist party-People’s Liberation Front (JVP) claims that both the major parties have completely failed in respecting the people’s mandate when they were in power and preparing the nominations for the forthcoming elections. Former JVP MP Sunil Handunneththi told the media on Friday that the United National Front as well as the United People’s Freedom Alliance has entered the names of ‘unsuitable persons’ to contest the elections.

‘JVP as a party always respect the policies even this time doesn’t not present you a pack of promises. Instead, we have shown the people an action plan to develop the country,’ former JVP MP said. He also said that they do not see any guarantee from the Freedom Alliance as they give promises even after failed in accomplishing those promises while they were in power.

“It is same for the United National Front. Instead of strengthening the economy, their plan is to sell the State resources. They are going back to the ‘Regaining Sri Lanka’ which once they brought in power.” He also added that the present government in power which boasted about the ‘good governance,’ is also doing ‘feeding the thugs’. “One Minister in Wattala area is using six State vehicles with pictures pasted on it. No law and order is practicing on him. Is that the good governance? The Kotahena shooting which two lives were lost recently also showed us how politicians have affiliations with underworld thugs,” Haduneththi added.

He also pleaded the people to give them one chance and see the difference. He also said that they are ready, and waiting to keep their promises with a strong plan while achieving the people’s aspirations and at the same time developing the country. (DPL)