An individual who strips women of their undergarments on-stage before hundreds of people cannot be called a stripper. There are no words in the English language for such a person. A stripper of a stripper?

However, one thing is certain. Such a person would not be called an artiste. May be a con artiste, yes, definitely.

Sunil Perera of the Gypsies who is known for being a striptease enabler, is not an artiste, but is probably a pornographer.

What's CookingHis cheap variety of pornography in old striptease videos is on full display these days, having gone viral on social media. Maybe Captain Elmo Jayawardene might like to watch.
It won’t be as maudlin as Sam’s story, but if the captain gets his kicks from watching females being humiliated on stage, used and abused, and stripped until they wear nothing but their birthday suits, he might want to keep gazing.

So, it was this pornographer Sunil Perera who was interviewed recently on a local television channel, which was by itself an act of perfidy, as the anchor person introduced the hirsute Perera as an artiste.

So, apparently, this is the local ‘artiste’ who has been anointed by some folks in is this country to preach morals to politicians, and to their followers, by virtue of the fact that he practices the noble art of pornography.

Sunil Perera’s stripteasing abilities are surely greater than his signing abilities in his waning years, but whatever those latter attributes are, a public pornographer is much like a public fornicator — over-exposed, and generally not worthy of anybody’s respect by virtue of the fact that he is so blatantly compromised.

But what do they do in Sri Lanka? They throw a halo around a public fornicator, or a public pornographer, and invite him to hold forth on the economy, life, morals and how we should vote.

We might as well have got our voting instructions from Jack the Ripper. Or Vele Sudha. I don’t know. I’m awaiting instructions from Sunil Perera’s hagiography writer, Captain Elmo Jayewardene.

Not being content putting him in front of television cameras and bringing him into people’s drawing rooms as an ‘artiste’, the television channel that thought it fit to interview this prize specimen, quizzes him as if he is the authority on public morals, and this should be food for thought for every woman who was stripped down to her undies by this guy, and then deprived of that last piece of protection also.

However, the TV outfit cannot be blamed too much on that score, if Captain Elmo Jayawardene thinks it fit to summarily make the public pornographer a heroic figure, and the leaders of the JVP invite him (the pornographer that is, not the pilot) as one of their honored launch party guests.

The TV interview of the Gypsies brand-leader (and band-leader) that Elmo Jayawardene goes into rhapsodies over is also a form of verbal pornography, which merits the question — never mind Sunil Perera’s public humiliation of women — does the pilot not recognize the pornographer?

Sunil Perera, who is delivered some deliciously inviting full toss balls by the program anchor, is asked why he has ‘come out’, and he says that he was afraid of Mahinda Rajapaksa!

He goes on to say that the former President is responsible for ‘murders’ including those by persons who have been prosecuted and put in jail already for certain homicides.
A mother and child who were killed in Kotakadeniya are also supposed to be victims of Mahinda Rajapaksa.

On that score, the body in the suitcase found recently at the Fort Railway station must be of a Wickremesinghe victim.

The logic is that whoever is in power is responsible for all sundry murders that take place in a country. This is the interview that so impresses the pilot.

Would you trust him with your aircraft? Personally, I would not. An individual who makes such a grievous error of judgment and proceeds by extension to crucify a leader who has done much for the country, based on the ramblings of a public pornographer, would not be trusted with my used car, let alone an aircraft that carries either me or any person known to me.

Asked about the alleged corruption of the Rajapaksa regime and the fact that nobody has been prosecuted within the six months that passed since the January election, Sunil Perera has one answer. He says it is impossible to prosecute successfully in six months.
So, the logic that has so floored our sanctimonious pilot goes something like this. If something cannot be proved within six months, we are entitled to call the alleged perpetrator of any act of alleged corruption, a convicted thief, or a rapist as the case may be.

For instance, if you would imagine for the heck of it that Sunil Perera has raped his neighbor’s wife, you would be free to say out loud and clear that he is a rapist.
If anybody asks you how that is so and where the proof is, all you have to say is ‘but no, how could you prove Sunil Perera is a rapist in six months. It cannot be done. So there you go, he is a rapist.’

For the edification of the Captain in raptures, it would be worth recalling that the public fornicator, or rather pornographer (it would be hard to tell the difference) talks about not being able to prove a case of corruption within six months, when no cases have been brought to court for the large part, in the first place, regarding the persons who are being accused of mega corruption.

For ‘artistes’ who have pretended to be artistes, but are in fact practiced pornographers, we can reserve a raspberry award. But what do we give the prize idiots who think they should be interviewed on TV regarding public morals, and those who think such interviews are the last word on public morality?

Kadala gotu and annasi won’t do. May be a rotten durian and some even more rotten tomatoes might come closer to doing the job…