As an enthusiastic supporter of Ambassador Godage’s ‘crusade’ against the proposed Indo-Lanka bridge I wish to draw the attention of fellow thinkers to the problems being caused to Britain by Middle Eastern refugees trying to enter the country via the Channel Tunnel. For centuries  island Britain protected its independence by its good fortune in being just that – an island separated by sea from mainland Europe. After William the Conqueror in 1066 no European enemy ever reached Britain’s shores.

All this ended with the construction of the Channel Tunnel – thus providing a not-too-difficult a conduit for impoverished non-whites from Africa and the Middle East to creep into “England’s green and pleasant land”. The French are, with no great enthusiasm, trying to stop them. “Actually, as a matter of fact” the French would prefer these poor dopes out of France.

What will happen to our own island nation if this awful proposal is implemented? Hosts of Dalits, and other distressed minorities, from South India will pour into the North and East of Sri Lanka to be enthusiastically  welcomed by Vigneswaran, Sampanthan and ‘sons of Prabakaran’. I do not have to spell out the demographic catastrophe this will cause to the Sinhala majority.

On a lighter note, may I also refer to the example described in the mythical Ramayana where the Monkey Bridge brought in an Indian army and defeated the king of Lanka
Need I say more? Let us gird ourselves against this treacherous proposal and its proponents.
Tissa Devendra