It is known that the purpose an analgesic is the help given to the sufferer not to feel the pain. The fact is that pain is very much there. Our great politicians who promise anything except the sky and moon with linked trimmings give such pain killers and there is no difference with the Drug Kingpins and dealers, who also do a similar ‘service’ as they also help the users to feel numb.

Therefore, what the ‘voters’ should do is to make use of the elections to reject all the ‘Wolves in Sheepskins’. That is the best way to make them to understand their own limitations. At least now, this ‘Clowning’ in such a valuable process like elections should stop

All are same
The ruler and his government were rejected on the allegation that they were corrupt. Those who led the campaign claimed that they were fighting to achieve good governance while the ‘Third Force’ – The JVP claimed that there was no use in electing either of the first two. What is pathetic is that all those three follow the same thinking. It proves that they are very good in criticizing only.

While the Good Governance Promoters promise guaranteed prices for paddy those who were rejected, but now are trying to get back on the driving seat try to do better by offering guaranteed prices for other things too. Taking just a very simple and a crude example here, if we take 10, it is only three percent out of those would be benefited by the increased guaranteed price. But, they forget the fact that 70 percent will have to pay more for their rice and none talks about increasing the revenue of the 70% enabling them to pay the increased price. The JVP has shown more sense there than the two ‘great ones’, but failed to be more objective oriented.

Good Governance Promoters are showing their hope to provide more jobs by encouraging more foreign investors to come in and in other words it looks clearly impossible for them to escape from their ‘Trickling Effect’ mentality. They forget the fact that such investors would prefer to be closer to the place where there are more facilities and the obvious indication is the Western Province which is already suffering due to other complications arising from such development strategies.

Those who caused the Good Governance Promoters to come in, promise salary increases to State Sector Employees while offering less to others. Where have they drawn the line that State Sector would get Rs.25,000 and Rs.10,000 as a cost-of-living shock absorber while others get far less. Does it mean that the employees of the Private Sectors have ‘smaller stomachs’ and have no other essential needs?

When the JVPers’ talks about weaknesses of the two great parties, they do not give tangible reasons and show logical objective-oriented steps and remain within an elusive frame of generalizing aspects, whereas the voters should have got better and more specific options shown.

All are doing a very vigorous job in trying to level personal allegations. In a way, it is at least something as the voters get a chance to see that all are useless as far as the real and genuine needs of the nation are considered as they do not answer the needs’.

Therefore, what the ‘voters’ should do is to make use of the elections to reject all the ‘Wolves in Sheepskins’. That is the best way to make them to understand their own limitations. At least now, this ‘Clowning’ in such a valuable process like elections should stop. Instead efforts should be made to win over the lost confidence of the voters.

National priorities
First and foremost is the National Unity because it is only with that the genuine stability for development can come. Such an achievement should be preserved and safeguarded by a fair and an effective system that guarantees law and order.

People need shelters and that does not mean clueless programs which encourage fragmentation of land. Actually, efforts have to be made to use only the ‘marginal lands’ for housing without committing valuable arable land which has to be available to feed the nation in the future. Not only that, even the encroachment into Reserves should be stopped without any hesitation.

With effective and efficient highways and making facilities to be available in the remote regions also, a better balance can be achieved. It applies in the same manner regarding education.

Encourage production facilities in both the agricultural and industrial sectors in the rural regions, where more unemployed people are present. Rather than depending mainly on foreign investment, it is not only logical, but also is feasible to improve rural productivity with minimum efforts. Such a program would need only marketing arrangements to handle the increased production.

It is real life and not a drama anymore. People are not interested in ‘pranks’ of the political jesters.For a change, all big and small should try to give people some solutions based on new thinking and then expect to be elected.