Cinnamon Red Colombo, Sri Lanka’s first lean luxury hotel has launched  ‘Red Rave’ an art and design competition offering talented young artists and designers an opportunity to showcase their work  in the hotel and its carpark driveways, in celebration of its first year anniversary on September 1st.

Cinnamon Red, which has changed the hospitality landscape in Sri Lanka with its modern aesthetic design, stylish and trendy product offerings, reiterates the property’s commitment to be an ‘arty hotel’ with the introduction of this competition. Last year too, a competition to curate graffiti based artistic work helped to shed the spotlight on a group of talented artists, namely Niruban Satchithanandakumar and the P413 team, Hash Bandara and Umanga Samarasinghe, Hamza Ahamed and Ruwangi Amarasinghe.

This year’s ‘Red Rave’ will elevate the status of the hotel’s  ‘art drive agenda’  into high gear and to a wider audience, since it encompasses a broader  scope of art mediums such as  relief art, designs, sculpture and 3D art.

“There are a lot of contemporary artists in Sri Lanka, but the opportunities they have to showcase their work is so latent and under the radar. This is the second consecutive year we are launching an art related competition,” Cinnamon Red General Manager Terrence Fernando said.

“We hope we can give an impetus through ‘Red Rave’ to further showcase the works of contemporary artists whilst rewarding, recognising and appreciating their talent through this initiative.”
Throughout the month of August, artists can submit a first sketch of how best the Cinnamon Red’s selected walls can be transformed into dynamic and vibrant spaces, along with a brief portfolio of themselves.

Preference will be given to designs and art that has an element of red. The top five works of art/design will then go on display at the hotel, and will also go on Cinnamon Red’s website where it will be shared with a wider audience.

The top five artistes will be selected by a panel of distinguished judges. ‘Red Rave’ prizes entail a cash prize of Rs.20,000 each, with an overnight stay at Cinnamon Red. A set cost of the expenditure incurred for material used for the production of the art pieces will be borne by the hotel.

Entries are now open, and will close on 25 August. The competition is open to both individuals and groups.

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