Public property’ is the resources that belong to everyone in a community in general. In any country, every individual has the right to use the public property despite being poor or rich. Hence nobody can claim ownership to public property as they are common to every person.

Since the common people cannot afford a lot of money, these resources are a relief for them. The government and various other organizations spend a lot of money to facilitate the people by providing public property where each resource can be used by a large community.

So, public property should be used with much care and concern. As the future generation of the country, you should recognize the public property and use them safely so that many generations can get the advantage of these resources.

Public property can be found in public places like the school, post office, library, park, railway station, bus station, hospital etc. Those are the places which serve the common people. As children, you are lucky to get free education. The textbooks, desks, chairs that are provided to you freely are some of the public properties found in the school.

Government spends a large
amount of money to provide textbooks for each student in government  schools. Have you ever thought of that? So it is your responsibility to protect them by covering and using carefully so that you can hand them over to your younger sisters and brothers once you have used them.

Sri Lankan government has initiated a step to motivate the children in government schools to protect their text books by giving certificates for those who use the text books properly. It is obvious that it is a good way of making the children practiced in protecting these properties.

In addition you have to use the chairs, desks, racks and all other resources without breaking or damaging them. A lot of people misuse public property. As children you should not be selfish. You can also avoid your friends whenever they damage the public property.

The library is also another public place. There is no restriction that the library is open to anybody. So you can read any book in the library. Other than affording money to buy these books, you are benefitted as you can browse thousands of books according to your favor.

Thus it is your responsibility to return the books on time without tearing or cutting the pages, so that other people also can use them. But very often the readers who use these books scribble on them and in extreme cases people also try to steal them.

There are also vandals who tear up the bus seats, scribbling on them and damaging them. Then the government or the institutions that facilitate the public with common property will have to double the expenses to maintain such  public property. So, as the future generation, you must protect the public property. If you do so, money can be used for more development or construction projects in the country.