Police have launched investigations to arrest suspects who were involved in the killing of an individual at Egodawatta, Unawatuna in Habaraduwa at around 3.45am today.

According to police media unit, the victim had been stabbed to death following a dispute that arose between two groups who were returning after taking part at a festival held at Welle Devalaya in Unawatuna.

Police stated the 23-year-old victim was a resident of Wanduramba and was part of a group from Wanduramba who had gone for the festival. This group had encountered another group of persons who were also from Wanduramba who were also at the festival. The two groups have been engaged in a long-standing dispute and an exchange of words had taken place as they were returning to Wanduramba, resulting in the victim being stabbed.

The suspects have been identified and Wanduramba police have launched investigations to arrest them.