Police investigations have been launched to apprehend persons who allegedly obstructed the Batticaloa District Assistant Elections Commissioner from carrying out his duties after he went to investigate reports of an illegal election propaganda campaign in Kaththankudi.

According to Police Media Unit, the Assistant Elections Commissioner had yesterday received a report that a United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) candidate was illegally distributing parcels of goods with the candidate’s preference number at a women’s summit being held at cultural center in Kaththankudi.

Upon being notified that an attempt was being made to an conduct illegal propaganda campaign during the election period, the Assistant Elections Commissioner had visited the said location along with a group of police officers from the Kaththankudi police station.

However, they had been allegedly obstructed from inspecting the location by a group of individuals who were present there. Thereafter, the Assistant Elections Commissioner had lodged a complaint with the Kaththankudi police.

Accordingly, investigations have now been launched to arrest the suspects.