Nalin De Silva

The Fundamental Rights Petition filed by Dr. Nalin De Silva, former Dean of the Faculty of Science Kelaniya University, and Professor of Mathematics, will be taken up on Wednesday 5th August, before the Supreme Court, for leave to proceed.

The Fundamental Rights petition asks that the fundamental Right to Information newly recognized in the Constitution be respected, and that the interim COPE Report on the bond issue be released.

The Petitioner states that Parliamentary privilege cannot be claimed to suppress the Report, which is a vital document that needs to be released in the public interest.

The Prime Minister, the Governor of the Central Bank, the former Chairman of COPE Mr. DEW Goonesekera, and six others are cited as Respondents.

The Petitioner has stated among other things that the public has been in receipt of conflicting reports and conflicting documents purporting to be the COPE Report on the 30 year bond issue, announced earlier this year by the Central Bank.

He states that none other than the President of the country had stated that he had asked the Prime Minister to ensure that the Governor of the Central Bank resigns over the bond issue.

The Petitioner states that experts have referred to the so called bond issue as the largest public sector scam in recent history, with losses recorded at 59 billion, and mounting.

He asks for interim relief, by means of a declaration that all information including the COPE interim Report on the so called bond issue be released before the General Elections on August 17th.

The Petitioner has filed his application through his Attorney-at-law Rajpal Abeynayake.