Sajith Premadasa

Time of mouths
During an election, people have no brains. Only mouths. Let us see them till the end.

Mahinda doesn’t need speakers or microphones anymore. He can speak loudly.

Thinking sound
When Ranil ‘speaks’ he is not really speaking. He is thinking.

If Vijayamuni wins in Moneragala, I will be happy. Unlike others he does not want to depend on Mahinda and believes in his own ability.

Sihala Urumaya
When the Sihala Urumaya began, we saw some of the most creative advertising from their side. Today, however Champika has no advertising skills. He appears to be just another politician. Doesn’t he want advertising anymore?

August 17
Sajith wants to rob Giruwapattatuwa from the Rajapaksas. Let us wait till August 17.

Now the Maharaja is Mahinda. Not the Medamulana guy.
The Rajagiriya guy.

Our happiness
Sri Lanka has become a battlefield for the US and China. It is a privilege for us. We think we are fortunate. We are happy about it. But where is our pride as a nation?

Blue and green blood
One of my friends complained that he felt his blood  turn green. Yes, today there is a fight between blue and green blood. This is the reality.

JVP tortoise
The JVP has been running like a tortoise and as the hares are fighting with each other it may come close(r) to them.

Okkoma rajawaru
Politics makes every man a king. So, there are no innocent people today.

I have no fear about Ranil. But I fear about the artistes supporting him. They are same whether they support Ranil or MR. We can see another set of ‘Jacksons’ if he comes into power on August 17.