Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka stated that no government entity would be sold or privatised and spreading reports indicating his government would do so are false. Clarifying on the matter Minister Ranawaka stated that these reports furthermore are being circulated to mislead state workers.

“Our manifesto clearly aims at creating jobs, reforming our education system, building economic cluster zones, and basically envisaging development that is useful to the general populace,” he said while addressing a rally in Gampaha on July 30.

“Under the Rajapaksas, these were not noted or prioritized. Their government went on a rampage with slipshod development work that benefited just a portion of our society. To take an example, had they extended the highway from Pettah to Borella it would have been quite beneficial to our people. The United National Front aims at development of that sort in addition to crucial electoral and constitutional reforms. We promise to deliver the goods and relieve 5.5 million families.”