Trying something isn’t easy. You can fail. You can disappoint. Not everyone will be pleased. Once you’re on something new however, you tend to think on how you can improve. You worry later. Naturally. Explains how we never let off doing something even though we fail. How we somehow get to what we want.

Take riding a bicycle. What’s important is balance. That’s the hard part, yes. But if concentrating on it is what it takes to master that bike, there’s no option. You must keep balance. At all costs.

Yes, you’ll fall. Chances are you’ll injure yourself too. Badly. There’ll be people around you who’ll try to grab you. Some of them might even discourage you. They’ll tell you to leave what you’re doing for later. But if you listen to them right there, that’s the end of whatever you want to achieve. Why? Because, if you heed to them  you’re going to let them dictate. Let them tell you what you must do.

When it comes to trying therefore, what counts is what you want. Not what others want.  That’s why you take those blows. As they come. Why you resolve never to accept defeat, to go ahead, and to get whatever you want right now. It takes time. But it’ll turn up. There’s just so much that one person can do, besides. If you can’t commit yourself to them now, what’s the use of regretting later on?

Most children know this. That’s why they’re rarely afraid of getting themselves hurt. Whatever they do, they forget what they’re risking. They go ahead. If they do get injured, they don’t even think back on what they did. Sure, they’ll cry. But not because of regret. Because of pain. Even through that ordeal, they rarely think, “I shouldn’t have done it.”
There’s more.

Remember when you first got injured? When you first realized you were wounded? Remember how you thought that wound would never heal? That it was one among many more to come? Did you ever fall back? Accept defeat? Think that you’d never be able to do anything?

It’s the same with life. There’s victory and defeat. Both are important. Both teach you that nothing’s permanent, that the one follows the other, and that getting through something as clean as you can isn’t easy. You need to get dirty. You need to get scratched. It’s not an unwritten law. It’s there. Clear as daylight.

Not that this should worry you, of course. You’ve got years and decades ahead of you. Doesn’t mean you should tempt fate. Safety’s always the better option. But when options run out and choices have to be made, there’s only one thing down your way.

Take it. It might not mean much to you. Might even make you regret. But if you don’t opt for it, and walk away, you’ve accepted defeat. That’s worse.

Think back. About what you’ve done. And what you’re trying to do. If you haven’t regretted trying what you did then, there’s no reason to worry now. So go ahead. With no worries. Jump while you can. And win.