“Time to do the dinner dishes,” my mother announced last night.

“I did them two nights in a row,” My older sister says. Then she points at me. “Why doesn’t she do them?”

My mother defends me, saying, “She’s too small, and she already helps me around the house.”

“I guess I’ll be doing the dishes tonight,” my middle sister says unhappily.

Does this ring a bell? If it does, it’s probably because you are an oldest, middle, or youngest child.

The oldest child can be bossy. They get to tell everyone what to do simply because they are the oldest. They are always ready to play a new prank on you: I remember my older sister used to scare me with a skeleton toy. But although they have their flaws, they are very fun to play with, and at all times they will be there for you, to teach you about life. And even though they can be bullies, they don’t have much room for mistakes either. They are the role model, and everyone looks up to them. The parents expect the most from the eldest child. And when they aren’t there, they expect that the oldest child will be—almost like a third parent.

The middle child is often the forgotten one. Normally every job and every chore is given to the middle child without even being noticed. If you think about it they actually have more work than the eldest child. The oldest is the first born and the youngest is the last, so they get special treatment. The middle child sometimes becomes quirky and out of the ordinary in order to create a special niche for them and to get any attention that they can find. If you look at an old photo album, it’s almost as if the middle child didn’t exist. But they can use this to their advantage and get away with most things without being noticed.

Now that we are done with the other two children, let’s move on what my mother likes to call the final copy. The youngest is the most exciting and fun child. They get to do anything because the parents are tired of enforcing rules and are normally let the youngest off the hook. One time I did something very bad and got away with a lecture.
But if one of my sisters had done what I did, they would have major consequences. Although the parents adore the youngest it can sometimes be hard for them to get attention from their other siblings because by the time the youngest is born, the other children are caught up in their own business and the youngest is left to only get attention from their parents.

Every child has their flaws whether they are the youngest, middle, or oldest. The best thing to remember is that your family loves you no matter what ‘position’ you are in, and that they will always be there for you. Take pride in your title!