All of us have some eagerness in our life to achieve something. That might be a vehicle, house or a beautiful wife. We will succeed in that or sometimes fail. If we achieve that, we will be happy, if not we will be unhappy. Whatever our desired goals, which revolve around material possessions, maybe, we won’t get any fruits for that. But when we wish to do something for God, whether we succeed in it or not, we will reap the fruits, the Sastras (The spiritual texts) say.

Building a temple for God is described as a big service. The life of people who engage in the spiritual service, like building a temple or helping in some way in the construction process of such a building, will be bright. If any of their ancestors are in hell, they will be relieved from the sins they accumulated during the past seven births and achieve eternal bliss.  This bliss is enjoyed in the abode of Lord Krishna the ‘Skanda Purana’ says.
Building a temple for Lord Krishna in Colombo is a long time dream of the devotees of Kotahena Sri Sri Radha Krishna temple.

Hare Krishna diaryThe dream of these devotees is slowly being realized during the past 38 years. They are engaged in building a temple for Lord Krishna at Kotahena. The devotees are tasked with completing the temple within two years.

A substantial sum of money has already been spent for the initial construction work. But due to the increased cost of building materials, it is presumed that the completion of the building will cost much more than what was originally estimated.

At present some building materials are needed urgently. The materials needed are bricks, sand, cement, metal, plywood, paint, tiles, and sheets etc. Devotees who wish to help build the temple can get at least one material. Whatever is offered will be much appreciated and donors will have the mercy of Lord Krishna.

The devotees who wish to contribute to the building of the temple can obtain more information regarding this meritorious act by visiting The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) Sri Lanka branch at 188, New Chetty Street, Colombo 13 or by calling 011 2433325. Devotees of Lord Krishna and well-wishers of the temple can visit the temple and see for themselves the work in progress.