The Police have arrested 230 persons for violating election laws. Police said that by July 31 (Friday) they had received 105 complaints with regard to election law violence and 35 of the suspects were arrested following complaints received by the police.

By Friday, the Department of Elections had received 732 complaints. The majority of these complaints are related to illegal appointments/promotions and illegal election propaganda, it was disclosed. The highest number of election law violations (122) was reported from Colombo District. Such incidents have been reported to the Department of Elections from Gampaha, Kandy, Galle and several other districts as well.

According to them 164 complaints regarding illegal appointments and 156 cases related to illegal election propaganda have been recorded during the time period.   An official of the department mentioned that they have also received 88 complaints with regard to misuse of media and misuse of public property and 103 cases related to illegal distribution of rations.

Since the announcement of the election, Campaign for Free and Fair Elections (CaFFE) has received a total of 766 complaints.

They have recorded 399 cases regarding illegal election propaganda, 293 cases regarding the misuse of public property and using state employees for electioneering. It has also received complaints regarding 17 cases of assaults and threatening.
Meanwhile a total of 638 complaints were received by the People’s Action for Free and Fair Elections (PAFFREL). It has also received 73 reports relating to acts of violence and 92 complaints with regard to violations relating to abuse of state power, resources and misuse of state sector employees.