Phyllis Dorothy James, known as P.D. James, was a British novelist, who wrote many crime series such as the Cordelia Gray series and the Adam Dalgliesh series which was later adapted into a TV series. She is nicknamed as the ‘Queen of Crime’ due to her great services rendered towards crime literature.

Born on August 3, 1920 in Oxford, James had a very tough life as her parents weren’t very well off and she had to start a job to help them financially. She eventually started working for a tax office, at theatre group and as a Civil Servant. Later on, she started take up writing novels.

During her 20s, she married Ernest Connor Bantry White, who died in 1964 after returning from the World War II due to various health problems, and had two daughters. James was awarded the title ‘Baroness James of Holland Park’ a few years before passing away on December 27, 2014.