We are saddened by the sudden death of Don, who was a dynamic personality.
He stood for the people of Canning electorate looking after their interests and establishing a clear margin of nearly 11% in favor of the Liberal Party whereas it was a very marginal seat for a long time. His frequent visits to the community at large in the electorate won him the goodwill of his constituencies.

We, the Australians of Sri Lankan origin have lost a genuine friend in Don as he was the Chairman of Sri Lankan group in the Parliament for a long time after the establishment of this forum during the tenure of High Commissioner, late Gen Janaka Perera.

He championed the cause of Sri Lanka during the period of Sri Lanka’s war against the Tamil Tigers. He was outspoken in advocating Sri Lanka’s sovereign right to defend its territorial integrity and her drive towards bringing peace to the vast majority of Sri Lankans and the benefits of economic development.

He spoke glowingly about Sri Lankan Government’s untiring efforts in ushering in peace and launching of massive resettlement and rehabilitation programs. He supported Sri Lanka-Australia joint efforts in stopping the human smugglers in enticing bogus asylum seekers to Australia. As a firm believer in a strong Indian Ocean Rim area, he stressed the importance of stable countries in place of insecure nations.

Don Randalll presented two petitions to the Parliament signed by nearly 4000 Sri Lankans and sponsored by SPUR against the atrocities committed by the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka. He associated closely with many Sri Lankans including Western Australia Society for Rehabilitation of Sri Lanka. Don Randall graced many a Sri Lankan functions.

He has visited Sri Lanka on many occasions including during the war years and after the defeat of the LTTE. The grateful Sri Lankans reciprocated his continuous campaigns for Sri Lanka by meeting him and receiving him with due honor and cordiality.
May he rest in peace! May his tribe increase!
Ranjith Soysa
Society for Peace, Unity and Human Rights in Sri Lanka – Vic