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All patriotic Sri Lankans should be grateful to K.Godage, a former ambassador, for having brought to focus the next biggest danger Sri Lanka would be facing in the near future by his article titled “A bridge to destroy Sri Lanka” appeared in Sunday Island July 12. His fear as well as our fear for the territorial integrity of Sri Lanka by this subtle plan to build a bridge across Palk Strait by India conniving with unpatriotic Sri Lankan politicians is absolutely reasonable.

The idea of building a bridge across Palk Strait connecting Tamil Nadu with Northern Sri Lanka was conceived in Ranil Wickremesinghe’s mind when he was the Prime Minister under CBK. For some luck, RW couldn’t proceed thro as India didn’t go ahead as then Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa didn’t like this as she was against LTTE at that period of time. Then President CBK also didn’t give the green light to go ahead for some reason unknown. However, Ranil as PM made a statement recently to revive this idea of building a bridge across Palk Strait to connect India and Sri Lanka.

Imagine the plight of Mother Lanka had Prabhakaran accepted CBK’s offer for ten year rule of Eelam in the North and East and Ranil built a bridge across Palk Strait simultaneously? Sri Lanka had a narrow shave of death. Due to some miracle, Sri Lanka is still one nation and one country.

But reading the following quotes from the Google sources on this issue, the danger still remains.

Some quotes from Google on this issue.

“ At a talk delivered at the MS Swaminathan Research Foundation, Chennai, during his earlier stint in office (2001-04), Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe mooted the idea of building a bridge — literally — across the Palk Strait, linking his country to India.

Now that he is back as prime minister and as part of a ‘cohabitation arrangement’ but through political consensus, unlike in the past, the two governments could consider reviving the proposal for mutual and greater benefits.

India may have the technology, but the required investments would be huge. Among other factors that pushed the proposal to the background included immediate reservations from then Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa about the LTTE targeting the bridge. (Source: Google article by N.Sathiya Moorthy)”

“The Indian Government is also looking at connecting India and Sri Lanka via a sea-bridge following the inauguration of the Agartala-Dhaka bus service and signing of the Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal motor vehicle agreement, Road Transport and Highways Union Minister Nitin Gadkari said on Tuesday.

The road connectivity, built across the Palk Strait, could possibly be a combination of a sea-bridge and an underwater tunnel. The underwater tunnel would allow the movement of ships through the alk Strait.

“A proposal for providing a road and rail link bridging the divide across the Palk Strait has been submitted to the Asian Development Bank (ADB) for a pre-feasibility study and subsequent financing. Source: (DNA-India – Mirror Citizen)”

As Godage says that, Indian Imperialists are planning this idea in order to annex Sri Lanka to India. If that bridge as conceived in Ranil’s mind is built, we can no longer call Sri Lanka a separate country or Island as it will become a part of India. NPC’s CM Vignewsweran’s subtle plan is to annex the North and East of Sri Lanka to Tamil Nadu and the reason behind his genocide talk appears to be part of this plan.

Further, CM recent visit to USA as a private visit as he called, he used his position as CM to meet some important politicians in the USA. How do we know that his visit was to campaign to raise funds to build that bridge in Palk Straight to claim for a greater Eelam?
Adding insult to injury, Ranil recently promised (as reported in the print media) TNA and the western world that enhanced devolution of power would be granted to the NPC. Will the increased devolution of power to NPC would be another step of Ranil’s dream of the so called bridge across Palk Strait connecting India and Sri Lanka?

Imagine a bridge is built as Ranil wants, there will be influx of kalla thonis settling down first in the North and East and then will spread to other part of the country and there will not be a Sinhala Buddhist Sri Lanka in 50 years’ time. There will be an effortless influx of narcotics to the country. We will be opening our gates to more environmental hazards and disease threats.

The UPFA should take this issue into focus and promise the Sri Lankan people that they will never allow any politician to make Ranil’s dream which he conceived in 2002 a reality in building a bridge across Palk Strait connecting Tamil Nadu and North and East of Sri Lanka.
Malin Abeyatunge