Waste disposal is an endless issue in almost all the cities,
This disposal is a cause for concern for many a local authority.
Day in and day out, mountains of garbage get piled up,
Regrettably, they do not end up where they should end up.
A cavalier attitude is seen to be shown towards the disposal of waste,
The handlers of garbage do seem to perform their task in haste.
As a result, waste goes waste, leaving the area in a sorry plight.
This is the scenario that puts the local authority in a position tight,
The city looks an eyesore, when waste is strewn here and there,
The purpose of disposal is lost when there is more disorder everywhere.
In the disposal of waste, not many are seen to be helpful,
Collective effectiveness to solve the problem would prove useful.
Human habitation prevents the areas being used as dumping grounds,
Inhabitants expect their areas to be disease free, safe and sound.
Extreme and erratic weather patterns seem to be the order of the day,
The pollution of garbage contributes to this in no small way.
Not enough thought is given to this long standing and recurring issue,
A lasting solution to this headache is urgent and long overdue.
A good way to sort out this issue is through the recycling process,
From the waste, fertilizers and bio-fuels can be produced in excess.
In the global world, nations have put to good use their solid waste,
They profit immensely and continue to do things to suit their taste.
Collection of garbage within city limits has caused conflicts,
Uncollected garbage is a form of punishment that the local powers inflict.
A towering mound of waste within a city, surely is a distraction,
With meaningful moves, the city can turn out to be centre of attraction.
A combined effort is a prerequisite and is the need of the hour,
City Fathers, do put an end to this riddle once and for ever.