Aslam Najeebdeen

FrontCube, which last week celebrated its 5th anniversary, has begun a weekly screencast series called FrontCube TV to share their knowledge and insights to help aspiring designers and developers. The company is also launching the first Sri Lankan start-up podcast next month called “Moving to the Front”. This Podcast will feature interviews of industrial experts who would address the issues that every start-up and small and medium enterprises face.

Founded in 2010 from a humble home, FrontCube has become a formidable force to reckon with in the techsphere in Sri Lanka with its highly successful and widely profitable designs for clients ranging from Al-Jazeera, Microsoft to successful Silicon Valley start-ups.

“Although five years may not be a long time, it is a major milestone for us, because we are proud to have done this completely on our own and feel blessed of having achieved as much as we did in such a short time,” said Aslam Najeebdeen founder of FrontCube. “Innovation is the cornerstone of every business aspect and together as a team we’ve built a formidable team with creative solutions that are unrivalled.”

The tech start-up firm was the driving force behind media giant Al-Jazeera STREAM, a daily television program on Al-Jazeera. Branded as a web community with a Global TV Show, the STREAM taps into the extraordinary potential of social media to disseminate news. FrontCube helped The Stream grow their traffic by 130% in 2012 by implementing a responsive design.

The company is also working closely with AJ+ (Al-Jazeera Plus) team from the beta phase to design and build an engaging mobile and web user experience. The current website which is the 4th redesign was completed in March last year. The first design created big buzz in the Twittersphare. To date, Al-Jazeera frequently sources the services of FrontCube for their internal Research & Development as well as web experience projects.

FrontCube also helped Mobile Action, the mobile app marketing platform to raise USD 2 million by creating their first prototype by designing the new UI and developing a stellar great front-end user experience. Currently, the company is also assisting well known start-up investor Jason Lemkin by redesigning his start-up educational platform

When inquired about the team that makes FrontCube the success it is, Aslam commented saying that the workforce at FrontCube was akin to a family unit. “We are a small team and we create a niche dominating presence for start-ups and small businesses.”