Linton Kuruppu | Mrs. Clara Motwani

In the nineteenth hundred and sixty fifth years on June 1, at No:17, Alfred House Gardens in Colpetty, a girls’ school named Sujatha  was initiated   by a very renowned educationist.

Great founder
He was the great founder of SujathaVidyalaya; the late Linton Kuruppu who with a dedicated personality and with very strong objectives. His great expectation was to mould the future of the younger generation, who with diverse faith and race to study in peace harmony. With only 30 students and backed by his dear parents, the late Mrs. HC Peiris and KAD Edward. Linton Kuruppu embarked on this project symbolizing a significant contribution in the sphere of education.

His foremost vision was to provide a holistic education in a multi-racial and multi- religious environment to nurture a contented, disciplined and socially-balanced personality with strong knowledge of English and Information Technology to face the challenge of the modern world. He devoted his entire life to build up an unparalleled education in this prestigious institution for the young ladies in Sri Lanka.

In the realization of this cherished vision the 1st principal late Mrs. Clara Motwani carefully nurtured and fostered this qualitative education with great commitment and dedication by uprising the high standard through excellent implementation and with great confident.

Our great founder, who condensed three decades of his life and instilled vigor into SujathaVidyalaya on a sound footing, left his son, the present Managing Director Lakshman Kuruppu, the legacy to continue.

Solely to revere his father’s noble vision, the present managing director evidence his efficiency in all aspects and continue this great educational mission, signaling a new era in the history of private English Medium education system in Sri Lanka, as a greatest tribute to his father.

The school grew from strength to strength, rich with well-preserved traditions and achievements flourished spontaneously as a pioneering institute in the private education system in Sri Lanka

Managing Director
There had been a tremendous improvement in the recent past both in infrastructure, methodology and system development. Sujatha Vidyalaya presently located in Nugegoda comprises more than 2,500 students and 250 teachers. The school consists of collegiate school, the primary school and the pre- school, provide a holistic education in both Sinhala and English Medium, with a dedicated staff of well qualified and experienced teachers, under the guidance of present managing director, who brought in a wealth of overseas experience to the establishment with a  remarkable growth and expansions by providing highest global standards while retaining the culture. Its customs, norms and values in a sense of belongings with love and respect for the motherland, safeguarding the values of his father, the founder of Sujatha Vidyalaya, the late Mr. Linton Kuruppu.
Sujatha Vidyalaya well-equipped with modern science laboratories, up to date computer center with internet facilities, modern  library with educational chronicles to story books for the reference of  Grade 1 to Grade 13 students and the spacious auditorium have produced well-disciplined Sujathians, who have done a great service to the community in both academic and  extracurricular activities over the past five decades.

Extracurricular activities
As extracurricular activities always provide the conducive environment for the anticipated-personality development and as the school strongly believes that student should be encouraged to develop well balanced personality through participation and through numerous achievements, the management provides all facilities for sports and extracurricular activities free of charge for each and every student symbolizing the enriching journey of 50 years. The students are guided by a team of well-experienced professional coaches and instructors during afternoon hours, daily.

The school badminton team, school choir, swimming squad, netball team and athletes make a significant contribution continuously maintaining the highest standards through interschool competitions in zonal, provincial, national and international levels, emerging the champions under different age group categories, and has brought fame and dignity to the school in best and most extensive range.

The various clubs and societies, ranging from educational to social welfare preserving the traditions are unique learning experiences  for every child, the English Literature Society, Interact Club, Model United Nation, Drama Club, Media Circle, Islamic Society,  Environment Protection Club, Library Association, IT Club and Girls Guides Movement are a few of them, providing opportunities to grow through a holistic all round learning ethos supported and guided by well committed and qualified teachers and educators.

Academic excellence
The examination results over the past decade have been excellent. Students have excelled in all three public examinations. The Grade 5 Scholarship Examination, G.C.E Ordinary Level and Advanced Level Examinations students who have excelled in examinations and who have shown talents in the field of extracurricular activities are provided attractive scholarships by the management and also felicitated. Special afternoon classes are conducted for students who need more attention in co-subjects such as Sinhala and English Languages, Mathematics and Science.

Transport facilities are provided to the students for athletic and swimming practices daily through comfortable and luxurious coaches which owned by the school .

Values of life
The management consistently provides opportunities to enhance students’ spiritual moral and emotional development and emphasis on every effort to inculcate correct values in the students’ mind by commencing every single school day with pansil and meditation.
Dhamma sermons are conducted poya days and the whole school observes “sil” during Vesak and Poson conducted by Dharma Ayathana and an overnight “Pirith chanting ceremony” is organized annually.

The expansion program of the school has divided into different phases, including the construction of the four-storeyed building which is a part and parcel of the accelerated development program of the new millennium. The  colorful and tastefully-constructed pre-school with an eco-friendly environment and with lush green foliage making it an ideal venue for kids with all requisites.

Highlands College located in the heart of Maharagama is the brother school of Sujatha, conducted in both Sinhala and English from Grade 1 -13 under the same management.

Professional studies
The Academy of Professional Studies (APS), which was established in 1998, is an institution affiliated to Sujatha Vidyalaya registered with the Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission under the Ministry of Vocational and Technical Training in Sri Lanka, which is the only institution that offers Professional Teacher Training Programs which provides teaching practice in a government-approved school.   The APS is also an Accredited Centre for Edexcel International of United Kingdom to conduct Pearson Test of English Certificate Course from Elementary Level 1 to General English Level 4

Global kids
As the education today has a wider perspective with the ever widening technological progress and innovation. The Management has provided all facilities to reach this target. The special “Global Kids Program” has been launched and conducted after school hours under the guidance of ICT lecturers.

Vision and mission
The vision and mission of the present Managing Director, Lakshman Kuruppu is to enhance and empower the Sujathians with loyalty, devotion and mutual respect, to raise the school higher and higher, shining in academic excellence as well as in extra curricular domain and further strengthen the founder’s dream by reaching highest potential into the path of success and to enrich lifelong learning by providing best facilities and resources to meet the great demands of the future world as balanced, sociable, responsible,
multifaceted women.

Sujatha has thrived and grown in leaps and bounds. The great secret to its success is to  transcend  all religions, linguistics and racial barriers which is an eloquent and powerful message to all humanity.

Golden era
The school proudly benchmarked her Golden Jubilee on June 1, 2015 with a grand overnight ‘Pirith chanting ceremony’ to celebrate its 50 years of existence of continuous dedication to academic excellence, and its valuable contribution  towards nation building from its inception in 1965 to the present; to mark this grand milestone in this significant era, to recall the fine decades of the school’s history and accomplishments. “Sujatha Golden Parade 2015” will be marching towards BRC Ground Thimbirigasyaya with a number of events culminating on this momentous moment with the “Mini Carnival” on August 1, 2015.

May SujathaVidyalaya in its illustrious progress grow more and more, from strength to strength, prosper and send out its brilliants to the society. May Sujatha be blessed with all that is best in its unfaltering-forward march  towards many more hundred years with holistic and enriching experiences and with continuous glory soaring Sujatha into its greatest height.

May the school consistently benchmark world class educational standards with best practices, enhancing the dynamic Sujathians spiritual, moral, physical, emotional and  intellectual development.

May all the Sujathians embrace the dream of our beloved founder in all their hearts and may the late founder attain the Supreme Bliss of Nibbana.