(Pics by Chandana Wijesinghe)

Kanishka Madushanka, a young and talented singer who gained popularity among the younger generation with the song, ‘Pera wage inna mage langin’ joined The Nation to talk about his musical career and his formula for success in a very short period of time.

Madushanka is not a singer by profession because he thinks that it is too early for him to decide on what career he should follow. “I work fulltime for a private telecommunication company, and therefore have only a very limited time for music. Since I have not yet decided on taking up music as a career it balances everything well for the time being,” he said.

When he was asked whether he thought he would be popular after the songs he has released so far Madushanka expressed that since his first track, which is named ‘Ahimi wela’ did not do that well he did not think that the song ‘Pera wage inna mage langin’ would become this popular among people, especially among the younger generation.
“It was somewhat a surprise for me when people started liking my new song. The reaction is so overwhelming and I have received good feedback for the song.”

Madushanka revealed that he was interested in music since he was small and has always loved music and singing. But he did not get a chance to learn or to become a singer as he wished.

“The main reason why I chose music as a subject for my O/Ls was only because I love music and it has been my childhood dream to become a singer one day. But unfortunately nothing like that happened because I was not given a chance to prove it.”

With the disappointment of not being able to prove his talent he has decided to give priority for higher education and to stop music for a while, until he finishes his higher education.

When asked what he thinks of the present situation of the music industry Madushanka said that there is ample opportunity for the newcomers in the music industry and he is quite thrilled about the support they get from the senior artistes in the industry.
“I have been very lucky in that way because senior artistes have always encouraged me and supported me to achieve what I have today. In future I will be doing some songs with them which will be a new experience for the Sri Lankan music fans,” said this young artist.
He does not believe in the idea that a video is essential for a song to become popular but he points out that given the current music environment a video is very crucial and has become so important that sometimes it is the deciding factor for a song to be popular among people. “Sometimes you just have to go with the trend and my first two songs were done like that,” said Madushanka.

He loves classical music and listens to other types of music as well since he believes that as he is in the music industry, exposure to other genres of music is an added advantage.
“My aim is to try out different styles of music and to create something unique, extraordinary and original.”

When asked whether he would like to become a singer by profession one day, Madushanka said, “Music means the world to me and it will always be an important part of my life no matter what profession I am in. It is simply because I love music so as long as I get to do what I like I am happy to do any other profession even if it has nothing to do with music, which is my passion. Nothing makes me happier than doing what I have always dreamt of.”

This talented-young singer, who is yet to present the Sri Lankan music industry with more amazing music, did not forget to thank everyone who helped him to become the person he is today.

“I am forever grateful for all those who have helped me to achieve everything I have today. Not only my family but also friends and people at my workplace have helped me immensely and supported me throughout.”