With the aim of publishing graduands’ research of the Faculty of Applied Sciences, Wayamba University of Sri Lanka, Department of Industrial Management of Faculty of Applied Sciences is organizing the Sixth and Seventh Applied Science, Business and Industrial Research Symposia, (ASBIRES) of the Faculty, the inaugural event of which was held in 2009 marking the 10th Anniversary of the Wayamba University of Sri Lanka. ASBIRES 2014 and 2015 is to be held on August 5, 2015 from 8.30am onwards at the Faculty of Applied Sciences, Wayamba University.

As a momentous event in the faculty, the ASBIRES has immense value in academia.  It promotes research culture in the faculty and the university, and builds collaborations with other academic and research institutions. The ASBIRES attempts to fasten the gap between academia and the industry, which is an inevitable problem in Sri Lanka, at present. Participation in such an activity would create numerous opportunities for graduands to enhance their capacity and confidence to meet global challenges. The ASBIRES is a platform to present the outcomes of research carried out during Industrial Training.

Six-month Industrial Training Program is an excellent opportunity for the graduands of the Faculty of Applied Sciences to join both government and private organizations to get industrial exposure before graduation. The aim of this training is to enable the students to interfere with industry to apply their theoretical knowledge into practice, to understand prevailing industrial issues, to identify industrial and business problems and their causes, to identify strategies to overcome the issues and finally implement those strategic solutions. This Six-month Industrial Training Program is a National Apprentice and Industrial Training Authority (NAITA) accredited program of high standards that provide job opportunities to the graduands soon after the successful completion of the training program.

Finally, students get an opportunity to publish their research work at the Applied Science, Business and Industrial Research Symposium –ASBIRES which is an annual event proudly organized by the Department of Industrial Management.

While providing a platform for the graduands to present and publish their research, the ASBIRES opens the stage for outside researchers as well. Also, the ASBIRES is a forum for graduates, academics, researchers and industry to interact and collaborate creating numerous mutually beneficial opportunities.

The Sixth and Seventh Applied Science, Business and Industrial Research Symposia will be held under three subject areas; Industrial Management, Computing and Information System and Mathematical Sciences. 70