Mohamed Mubarak Mohamed Mujaheed (Police image)

Concluding a two year long investigation into an international drug ring, the Anti-Narcotics Bureau has identified Sri Lankan-born Mohamed Mubarak Mohamed Mujaheed as a main drug kingpin in Sri Lanka.

According to the Police Spokesperson ASP Ruwan Gunasekara they are currently in the process of issuing a ‘Red Notice’ while an open warrant has also been obtained from the courts in order to arrest the suspect who is currently residing in Malaysia. The suspect had also at times supplied heroin to Vele Sudha he said.

“According to investigations the drug ring has imported 7 containers of drugs amounting to 750 – 1000 kilos of heroine between the years 2009 and 2014” he said adding that the drugs had been sent among items such as furniture, machinery, fruits, rice and clothes. The investigation carried out by the bureau led to the individual after the arrest of his agent Ahamed Sabri Najimudeen.

The suspect is also said to be the Producer of famous films such Parawarthana and Selvam.