Too much speaking
Earlier Maithri spoke too much. Now Mahinda’s doing the same.

Ball of fortune
Now the ball of fortune is turning on the JVP’s side. So, their duty is to make it a fortune of the people.

Live drama
People are enjoying the way, politicians act, that is to say their capacity to change roles instantly.

First victory
Ranil is going or hoping to record his first victory against Mahinda.

First defeat
Mahinda is going to record his first defeat against Ranil.

Enjoying emptiness
At present, Sri Lanka is empty because there is nothing in the minds of people other than politics. There’s nothing meaningful there. We must be happy. That’s because this is the best time to do nothing but enjoy emptiness.

Dayasiri is confident
Dayasiri believes he can win in Kurunegala even without the blessings of the one came from the South.

A happy man
A former Chief Justice has become the Chief Joker of the country, some say. In any case, he has the right to do what he wants to as he has always done. You can say he is a free thinker or free man or whatever. He fits the label either way.

Nimal has changed
Nimal Siri now does not think about the post of PM. Not even the post of the Opposition Leader.  He is only thinking about returning to the Parliament.

Maithri has no supporters. Only people who want to use him for their ends. So, I am telling the  HE to not think about what others are saying and to not respond to them. They are saying these things not out of any love for Maithri or the country, but for their own gain.

I do not think even Mahinda has supporters. But he knows it. That is why he is clever in politics.