Atop Cinnamon Red, Sri Lanka’s first lean luxury property lies Cloud red, a rooftop space for knockout views, fancy crafted concoctions and delicious nibbles.

Less than a year into operation, Cloud red is the hotel’s showstopper. Infused with modern technology and the very best of what a watering hole could offer.

This elevated space with a happy vibe, is the place where Colombo’s hip and happening crowd goes for pre-dinner drinks or to relax after every day work pressure. It is ‘the’ meeting place for friends, the surefire ‘yes’ for dates, the ‘must see’ in every tourist’s eyes with the ‘must try’ mixes of the skilled mixologists.
The outside terrace bar is decorated fusing fairytale romance and cosmopolitan chic, while the smart indoor area with its interactive tables give a distinct contemporary feel to the bar. This space even doubles as a sleek sunset spot, with sweeping views of the city.

The menu, like the rest of what is offered, is tasteful yet vast. From the usual beverage list that is circulated at any restaurant or bar, Cloud red’s stand out with its unique spirited offerings, some of which are the Cinnamon Red’s mixologists very own creations. Making evenings even merrier is the ten varieties of pitchers that are available throughout the night at an affordable price range.
To complement the liquid infusions is the tapas menu featuring a lip-smacking range of bites.

Among the most popular are the prawn wrapped in bacon, crab lollipop and lamb kofta. Instead of a gorging on fries, at Cloud red one is encouraged to try the sweet potato bucket – the best alternative ever invented! The hotel’s very own creation ‘rotizza’ has become a quick favorite, topped with caramelized onion with cheese and tandoori chicken.

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