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Their faces are so white that it seems unreal. Men, with make-up, walk with pride into the shopping malls and also on podiums at modeling events. Too much make-up was a phrase exclusively associated with women, but men have pursued the subject of beauty with added interest over the years, and hence haven’t been left out of this subject called beauty culture.

Style goes well with both male and female when it comes to identifying an individual. But the confusion reigns in the minds of the observer when the males start sporting female looks. A tele series produced in Korea and telecast in local channels gives us enough of a peep into ‘culture’ of some of the males in the cast who keep viewers guessing their identity. As Sri Lankans, the majority still believes that men have to be muscular and should wear clothes and footwear that aids this image. But in fashion-conscious Colombo, men have been bold in borrowing from women’s secrets with the intention of looking attractive.

Wearing very long hair and often in knots, pink slippers, face creams and putting red-colored casings on their mobile phones has made fashion-conscious males get the attention they crave for.   Even in the advertising industry, a good number of males picked for commercials have acquired a tad of a feminine look.

Such trends can be easily understood with an advertisement made for Lux soap. Actor Shahrukh Khan was signed to make a commercial for this world renowned soap in 2005. Khan’s involvement with this soap made him the first male to sign up with Lux almost in 80 years.

In Sri Lanka, we see our models wanting to emulate the famous Khan of Kuch Kuch Hotha Hai fame. It’s both puzzling and amazing why no one wants to emulate a muscular screen hero like Gamini Fonseka, who many term as the most complete male specimen who has acted in the local silver screen.

This writer read on the internet an article in which it said that men can’t resist using their partner’s beauty products. We are living during times when it doesn’t come as a surprise to hear of grooming academies for men who are fashion conscious.

It’s ok to have perfumes for men if that adds to their masculine personality. Perfumes must be manly, but then there are ones that are made for men and contain lavender, a name widely associated with women beauty culture. Lavender increases blood flow to the penis and hence is fancied by men who are educated on the subject.

Gone are the days when potential grooms visited the houses of their future brides attired in clothing which permits any type field work. When such men arrived, their future father-in-laws used to demand the completion of a job, often in the garden. These types of chores exposed potential grooms who were lazy or incompetent. The less said about the potential of future grooms, who are fashion conscious, to do field work the better.

However, when women are compared with men on the subject of performing a task that calls for flexing muscle, women have scored heavily. Take for example training in the gym. Fitness trainers will vouch for the fact that women who are figure conscious train harder than men. This leaves us wondering whether, when men are interested in a women’s world, the fairer sex has encroached the man’s world. There are plenty of males who are opening up beauty salons these days. And let us sit up and take note of the large number of women who are entering the fitness industry as gym instructors. While men have a whale of a time experimenting on the new beauty products flooding the market, our physically-fit ladies are pushing, pulling and trying out the new pieces of exercise devices decorating the gymnasiums around town.

American fashion designer and film director Tom Ford knows how important it is to use makeup. This is because the industries he is in demand men to give attention to their bodies, skin, hair and face. But yet, there is something amazing about Ford. He does so many things to maintain a lively appearance, but yet looks masculine. When compared with Ford, have males who channel their monies and energies in looking good for the camera, missed a point?