The Sri Lanka Association of Software and Service Companies (SLASSCOM) is currently hosting Ken Segall, a globally acclaimed guru in marketing and design who is on a visit to the island from 23 to 28 July.

“Design” is becoming the new language for business. Regardless of the industry, the digital millennial customers will expect an experience that will require organizations to take design seriously in all aspects of product/service design and marketing.

One of the objectives of SLASSCOM is to bring global thought leaders to accelerate the process of building design thinking and design skills in Sri Lanka.

To support this vision, Ken Segall, former Creative Director of Apple’s creative agency will be in Sri Lanka to share his experiences from world-class organizations such as Apple, Dell, IBM, Ogilvy, JC Penney, BMW, Intel and Next. Ken is the author of the 2012 New York Times bestseller ‘Insanely Simple: The obsession that drives Apple’s success’.

Ken worked on Apple’s highly successful marketing campaigns for 12 years working closely with Steve Jobs. He revolutionized Apple with his ‘Think Different’ campaign and added to the world’s vocabulary that powerful little ‘i’ which is used for Apple’s products.