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It was very clear from the time of the dissolution of Parliament and end of the Government run by a minority party leader Ranil Wickremsinghe, the President Sirisena was compelled to take various steps contrary to his conviction and according to the agenda of his Western and Indian masters.

The latest episode in the series of attempts by President Sirisena to marginalize the expectations of the masses is the statement issued by him to indicate he will be the final decision maker in appointing the Prime Minister in the coming Parliament as the President of the SLFP and the joint front. But, it has to be mentioned that ultimately the country’s voters will decide who the leader of the SLFP and the joint front and the two entities will have the power to change the Presidency of the party.

The public should expect more of these statements by the President Sirisena in the coming days as per the agenda of the West, India and the pro-LTTE fronts in his futile efforts to de-rail the election campaign of the nationalist forces. But, the nationalist forces should clearly explain the sources and the objective of the President’s plan to the masses and also reiterate that the sabotage planned will be aimed at the unitary Sri Lanka and against Mahinda Rajapaksa who provided the dauntless leadership in defeating the Tamil Tigers
The questionable façade of good governance by Sirisena-Ranil administration was exposed by the introduction of draconian law to persecute political opponents, evading three no confidence motions and Central Bank Treasury bills robbery during the short span of nearly 150 days. It was like the pot calling the kettle black! However much the attempts made to blacken the image of Mahinda Rajapaksa who led Sri Lanka to the victory against the most brutal terrorist group and ushered in a period of peace including paving the way to an unparalleled economic development of the nation, the masses have not forgotten the days of Chandrika’s and Ranil’s rule when they faced death at the hands of terrorists almost every day.

It is within a unitary Sri Lanka the country can prosper. When one listens to the tales of misery, death and destruction from the countries which are Balkanized only one can realize the importance of a unitary country and why we should strive to protect it.

In spite of President Sirisena’s foul play, the masses and the nationalist forces must carry this message to all corners of Sri Lanka and expose and condemn President Sirisena’s crude tactics.
Ranjith Soysa