Murphy’s Law states that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. This means that you may hope and pray, but if there is a chance if things not working out, that’s exactly what will happen; nothing will work out.

So, you live for each moment because not to do so will be a huge risk. For instance, you know you can get the project done at home but it’s likely that for no reason and with no warning your home computer will decide it wants to take the weekend off. So not only do you have a broken computer, you also have a project awaiting completion.

Color printers are monsters, everyone knows that. They eat paper and rarely obey commands. So what happens when you decide to wake up early on Monday to print your university assignment? You guessed it! The printer stops working properly.

And what happens when it finally decides to work? There is a power cut.

Your family decides to watch a movie on Thursday and you are asked to buy tickets online. You keep putting it off and before you know it, it’s Thursday morning. You explain to your parents there won’t be a crowd and that buying tickets at the counter won’t be an issue. Your family gets to the theater to find that an entire batch of students have been brought by their school to watch the film you wanted to watch.

After sometime, you catch up with the world and put one and one together. If there’s something that can go wrong, it will. So you prepare yourself for the worst. If you go on a trip with your friends, you expect the hotel that fits your budget to be a place with roaches, low water pressure and thin mattresses. When there’s finally a free weekend in your calendar, you know your parents will choose that exact weekend to visit some distant relative who always insults you. So it comes as no surprise to you when these awful things actually happen.

Living by Murphy’s Law might make you seem like quite the pessimist. However, they do say, better safe than sorry. If you know there is a possibility of things going wrong, then reduce the chances of the catastrophe happening. Before you leave something for the last minute, assignments for instance, remember that there are so many things that can go wrong.

Have low expectations. Don’t expect anything from internet speeds or printers. The lower your expectations, the less you’ll be disappointed, because in the world we live in, if something can go wrong, it will. That’s just reality.