A surgery in progress at the Browns Hospital Ragama

Browns Hospital Ragama recently conducted a very successful live surgery workshop on Laparoscopic procedures with the participation of over 25 participating invitee surgeons in attendance.

The Laparoscopic Workshop was conducted with four surgeries (TEP, TAPP and Fundoplication) in the state-of-the-art operating theaters at the Browns Hospital Ragama and transmitted live to the invitee surgeons in the hospital’s auditorium. They not only took part in the workshop but were also a part of the theater procedures too from time to time.

This interactive session, lectures and some of the theater procedures were conducted by Workshop Director Dr. Roy Patankar with the assistance of the experienced staff of Browns Hospital Ragama.

Following the workshop were also in-depth discussions aimed at strengthening the learning. The agenda also covered recent developments in areas of hernia surgery and focused on the enhancement of skills. This day-long workshop proved to be a fine example of the sharing and exchanging of knowledge and was of great use to all the participants.

“Laparoscopic surgery has evolved from the days of open surgery involving 10-15 cm incisions to a few incisions 1cm with the laparoscopic procedure. Even the material used for the mesh has changed from thread, silk and nylon to polypropylene.
Laparoscopic repair has a visible impact on the outcome of the surgery and the well-being of the patient. The learning curve for laparoscopic hernia surgeons is continuous and exigent with techniques like TEP and TAPP fast gaining popularity”, said Workshop Director Dr. Roy Patankar.

A graduate of the Seth G. S. Medical College in Mumbai, Dr. Patankar has a FRCS (Glasgow), FRCS (Ed), a University Diploma in Laparoscopic surgery (Strasbourg) and a PhD in Gastroenterology (UK)

Commenting on the tremendous success of this workshop, Director/CEO of Browns Hospitals/Healthcare Dr. Sajeeva Narangoda said that this workshop under the patronage of Dr. Roy Patankar was definitely a step towards the right direction in the hospital’s journey towards surgical excellence. “We are eternally grateful to senior consultant surgeon Dr. Sumudu Kumarage and President of the College of Surgeons of Sri Lanka and Consultant surgeon Prof. Kemal Deen for their unstinted contribution towards the success of this workshop”.

Launched early this year, the fully-fledged, 70 bed, multi-speciality Browns Hospital in Ragama is equipped with the latest technology in medical diagnostics comprising modern CT and MRI scanning, and advanced medical and surgical therapeutic technology.