The All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama (ACJU) in a strongly worded statement denounced the ideologies of ISIS citing that the organization condemns ‘in unequivocal terms all forms of violence and extremism’ and disowns any organization or member affiliated with the extremist outfit.

“It is an absolutely deviant organization which operates against all the principles and tenets of Islam. Unfortunately, the word ‘Jihad’ has been misinterpreted by the Western media to mean killing or waging unjust wars. Any organization that kills innocent people under the guise of Jihad, is totally outside the pale of Islam,” the statement reads.
Meanwhile the media spox for ACJU told The Nation on Friday that all mosques in the country had been given stern instructions to outlaw the ISIS ideology and ensure that the sermons delivered at the Friday congregational prayer will consul youth who might be misguided, whilst educating the others.

“There are lot of young and impressionable Muslims who through Social media are being continually bombarded by video’s, misinterpreted sayings and speeches that drive the ISIS ideology,” he said. “Because the propaganda machine is so strong, we feel that they are falling prey to it primarily due to ignorance,” he added.

He added that combating such forms of extremism should not be limited to the Muslim community, but should be taken up by the government on a national level. “We strongly call upon the government to take action against any individual involved in any form of extremism. We also offer our fullest support and co-operation to all government agencies to identify such elements,” their statement noted.

Commenting on the  case of the reported Sri Lankan recruit Sharfaz Shuraih Muhsin alias Abu Shureih Seylani, (37) who died in combat, the ACJU expressed dismay citing that he was ‘normal member of the Muslim community and had never exhibited any extremist ideology.”