Muslims around the world celebrate after fasting for one whole month. It’s a festival of breaking fast. Every year, on the ninth month in Islamic calendar, Muslims make sure to fast. On the 29th night from the day fasting began, they look out for new moon and when the moon is sighted Eid is celebrated, if not they will fast for the 30th moon too, and celebrate Eid on the next day.

Eid is very special. Families and friends gather to celebrate. There are few rituals that everyone should follow. Giving grams as charity, it’s called Zakath al Fithra. After taking bath early in the morning and wearing new clothes if not wearing good clothes, they go to Mosque to perform the festival prayer, greeting everyone they meet.

There are different traditions in each country. Like a community feast, on the streets people  serve foods and exchange gifts. Children will play fun games like football or cricket. They enjoy with families, friends, neighbors and orphans or poor people.

Even in Western countries, Muslims celebrate Eid. It’s a day which everyone anticipating to celebrate. From shops to marketplaces they promote Eid Festival. There are special bazaar for clothes and foods. Also there are people goes on trips with families and friends after the festival prayer.

However, most of the people make sweets and celebrates with families. Especially in Sri Lanka it’s a public holiday. We make sweets at home and decorating the table with sweets. Whoever comes we greet them and serve sweets. Children’s faces are bright with smiles and their pockets are full of sweets. Mosques are full of worshippers. It’s a day of joy.

In the Middle East countries they grandly celebrate the festival, lighting the streets and giving things for charity, helping the poor. There are fireworks and they call everyone to celebrate. There are Arabic recitals which people say and walk around the streets to inform the people it’s Eid day. The celebration is starting at night, till the next day evening.

Muslims believe it’s a day of forgiving and giving. We feel happiness all around us. By seeing every Muslim brothers and sisters are gathering to celebrate the same joy. We also send greeting cards and messages. Some are with beautiful imager with message of blessings and gratitude. Nowadays there are also Islamic ‘Nasheeds’ song about Eid. Even some people create their own poems and sending greeting massager’s to everyone they knew.

Today is the day so let’s celebrate with happiness and joy. Make this day a memorable for your loved ones by making it special. Eid Mubarak to everyone out there.