Major General Jagath Dias, Army Chief of Staff received an award from the Arrya Foundation for his work in the 57 Division and all efforts taken by him against terrorism in an international level. He is the first of the Forces to receive such an award.

Veteran actor Douglas Ranasinghe also received an award from the Foundation for his 40 years in the drama and film industry. He has also contributed to cinematic literature along with Dr. Lester James Peries and has maintained a standard in cinema throughout his career.

The awards were presented at the felicitation ceremony for the Armed Forces held by the Arrya Foundation on July 4 at the Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment’s Salute Hotel Auditorium in Boyagane, Kurunegala.

Many military officials, artistes, media persons, for instance Visual and Performing Arts University Vice Chancellor Prof Ariyarathna Kaluarachchi and Jagath Wickramasinghe, attended the event.  A  Rs 100,000 donation was also made for the construction of a library for disabled military personnel in Boyagane and the cash donation was handed over to Brigade Commander Colonel Deepal  Puwella.

Arrya Foundation was founded eight years ago and makes contributions for the welfare of the families of deceased and disabled military personnel while also working to create military literature. The Arrya Foundation is planning to release a book on the 1990 battle of Kokavil.

It is believed by Arrya Foundation that military literature is of great importance and the Foundation has already launched many books by military personnel.

Arrya Foundation also organizes a concert, Lihinisara, which has been held for two consecutive years. In 2011, the Foundation awarded O/L and A/L scholarships worth Rs 100,000 to children of 114 military personnel of the Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment.
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