Young people often clash on with parents whether they are responsible or not. One way to prove you are responsible, and will be responsible when you become an adult is to have a pet and keep it alive for a long period of time. In this article, I will discuss how to convince your parents to get a pet, how to progress from a small aquatic pet to a larger pet like a hamster or cat, how to care for your pet, and more.

Small aquatic pets
A fish is a good pet to have when you are younger. They are fairly easy to take care of and don’t require much work. My first pet was a small betta fish and it was easy for me to show my responsibility to my parents. Another pet which isn’t so popular is a hermit crab. They aren’t hard to take care of either because they are small animals that don’t take up much space so you can easily find a place in your room for them. This will show that you alone are responsible, and are not relying on your parents to find a pace for your pet.A fun way to show you’re an adult (1)

Small mammals
A hamster, a guinea pig, or a rabbit is good for once you’re a bit older. Before you buy any of these pets you have to know a lot about them and be very responsible with them. They need a lot of care and attention. Guinea pigs and rabbits need lots of space; about 2 yards by 4 yards at least because they are large animals. They are also not solitary animals and need another one of their own species with them unless you are there with them 24/7. Hamsters can be a little easier to care for because you don’t need to look after them non-stop and need less space and they are less expensive. The smaller ones are actually more expensive because they need more toys and space because they have a lot of energy.

Large mammals
I wouldn’t recommend getting a cat or dog until you are at least 15 because they are large expensive animals. Dogs can be difficult because you have to have a lot of space and take them for walks. Some breeds of dogs shed and that makes a living area dirty. Cats are less of a problem because they clean themselves and don’t need walks. Leaving a dog at home for the day can be annoying because they have to use the bathroom. I have a dog and cat, but they don’t belong only to me If you are able to show you parents that you can take care of a cat or dog you have achieved your goal of showing that you are a responsible kid.

 Advice and tips

Always keep your pets living area clean

Fish: Clean the tank every week.

Hamster: Clean cage every 2 or 3 weeks depending on the amount of dirt in cage.

Cat: Empty litter box every 3 weeks if it is used normally.

Dogs: Clean them every month.

Remember to feed your pet as needed.

Play with your pet at least 15 min utes every day.

Always leave detailed instructions for care takers, make sure they know that they should pay special attention to feeding and cleaning.

Convince your parents

To move from small to bigger pets, agree on a period of time to keep the smaller pet alive before you are allowed to get a larger pet.

Other agreements that can help parents say yes is to agree to incorporate academics; such as a small research project on caring for pets that you formally present to them, or a series of essays on responsibility and caretaking. Parents are more likely to say yes if you have shown that you have put a lot of thought into getting a pet and developed a clear plan after doing some research.

Show your responsibility in other ways such as doing chores without being asked, doing homework on time, not staying out late/going to bed at a reasonable time, and not talking back.
n Make sure that your parent knows that you are taking care of your pet properly Talk about arrangements for pets when you won’t be there for a few days.

You could even tell your parents when you are cleaning your pets so they know you are doing it.

Did my tips work for you? If they didn’t try again with more research, there are always other ways to show responsibility. Don’t get upset with parents, either way you have learned much about a pet that you can hopefully get one day.

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