Former General Secretary of the United National Party (UNP) Tissa Attanayake claimed that the formation of the new alliance United National Front for Good Governance (UNFGG) is a threat to the UNP and that it has lost its credibility during the past few months.

“UNP was a party which always stood by the people of all levels and it was never limited to a certain class of people. But at present it is very unfortunate to say that a party which had always been “clean” and principled is not the same anymore,” he said.

Elaborating on how the UNP has disappointed its supporters Attanayake mentioned that the party has neglected to cater for the needs of the common man.

He also mentioned that the newly formed alliance was only created because they are aware of the fact that if they contested separately they cannot win the general election. He said that the good governance deceived the people who voted for them since they did not keep most of the promises they promised during the presidential election.

Attanayake who formed a new party yesterday, United Citizens’ Front (UCF), revealing the party’s future program said, “We have decided to support the United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) in the upcoming elections and our party firmly believes that the UPFA has a clear chance of winning the General election.”

Further expressing on the new formed party, Attanayake mentioned that all the UNP supporters and also the people who are disappointed in the way the government is operating at present are welcomed to join the UCF. He said that the constitution and the officials of the party are being prepared at the moment and it will be revealed soon.