People’s Action for Free and Fair Elections (PAFFREL) has received 277 election related complaints in relation to 281 electoral and general law violations as of today (July 22). According to the group’s Executive Director, Rohana Hettiarachchi 18 reported incidents are of election related violence.

Speaking to the media of the group’s preparation for the upcoming election Hettiarachchi said that around 15,000 election monitors will be deployed by PAFFREL while 12 International Monitors will be facilitated by them. The qualified international monitors of the Asian Network for Free Elections (ANFEL) based in Thailand will arrive in the island shortly. “Part of our monitors has already started their activities” he said adding that they will continue to monitor the electoral process till the post election period.

Hettiarachchi said compared to previous elections currently the violence remains at a low. He also commended the Election Commission and the Department of Police for their efforts in preventing the use of government property and power as well as illegal propaganda.

He opined that the voters should be mindful of the candidates they vote for as this will determine the country’s future. “Candidates should be qualified to understand the legislative process” he said adding that voters should also take education qualifications of the candidates to consideration and be intelligent when casting their vote.