The newly formed National University Teachers Association (NUTA) today declared its support to all efforts undertaken to install former President Mahinda Rajapaksa as the next Prime Minister of the country at the upcoming General Election. According to the Secretary of the organization Dr. Channa Jayasumana of the University of Rajarata the main aim of the group is to promote a national consciousness among the people.

According to the group the Federation of University Teachers’ Association (FUTA) does not represent the majority of University intellects and in fact holds foreign ideologies. “People have been misled to think that they represent the university lecturers in this country” Jayasumana said adding that they will back Rajapaksa due to the corruption of the current government. According to them it is the duty of the people to vote for the former President due to his major role in bringing peace to the country.

Speaking at the gathering Media Secretary of NUTA Mahinda Pathirana said it is a myth that Premier Ranil Wickramasinghe can give a solution to the National question. “People of all races must accept that only Rajapaksa can provide an answer” he said.

The event was attended by Lecturers representing all universities of the Island. Former University Grants Commission Chairperson Prof. Kshanika Hirimburegama was also in attendance.