Former employees of Sampath Bank Plc will hold their first event to launch the Ex-Sampath Bankers Club. The event will be held on July 25 titled ‘X Sampath Nite 2015’and many ex-Sampath Bankers are expected to attend, including several from overseas.

The objective of the formation is to  facilitate the interaction and promote fellowship  among ex-Sampath Bankers from varied industries , professions and age groups  an initiative is being taken to form an association where members could benefit from their collective experiences, with the common bonding of affinity to Sampath Bank. The launch of Sampath Bank in 1987, with the visionary banker NU Jayawardena at the helm as Chairman was a watershed in the history of the financial services industry in Sri Lanka.
Experienced bankers were recruited, and outstanding school leavers attracted with investments made in computerization to deliver customer focused banking services. The bank pioneered many initiatives in Sri Lanka including extended banking hours and access to accounts 24 x 7 through its ATM network. The Savings Account holder too being considered an important constituent was another significant change.

In the pioneering spirit of its founders, the bank also developed a flock of young professionals who reached out to the customers without awaiting them. These young bankers were actively supported to obtain professional qualifications. Well trained in IT and with the philosophy ‘customer comes first’ thoroughly ingrained in them; the  group was a sort-after lot in the financial services industry. Many were attracted with lucrative offers by international banks overseas as well. Some underwent excellent training provided and the ‘can do attitude’ instilled by the Bank.  Many of the ex-Sampath Bankers are now holding senior positions in banking and other industries in private and State sectors both in Sri Lanka and overseas. Some have even excelled in other professions as doctors, lawyers, engineers and academics.

Sampath Bank was inaugurated in early 1987 in the midst of the ruthless ethnic conflict soon to be followed by the equally ruthless insurrection the pioneering lot of employees risked life and limb to enable the fledgling bank to get on its feet.