It’s amazing the amount of damage words can do. For example: Words can lead to deaths.

“Gosh look at that dress! It’s so last year! Didn’t she read the latest fashion magazine?”

“Lol… he’s hilarious! Look at the way he talks! So old fashioned! Who does he think he is? The headmaster?”

“That deep voice sounds so hoarse!”
Comments… Comments… Comments! Comments that only break a person’s joy instead of boosting their self-esteem.

Name-calling and negative talk about another can and does hurt. Words can kill or heal your soul. Most assuredly, you can think of probably a handful of comments that you have never forgotten. You have never forgotten them because words are powerful. Words used against another can cause a wound that is difficult to erase.

What most people don’t realize is that each and every human is different from the other in every aspect and that sometimes though one person may be able to tolerate negative comments, withstand pressure and still reach success, others fail to do so due to lack of belief in themselves since they see do not see that anyone else believes in them.

Such cases usually lead to suicide, depression or other mental disorders which make life miserable for the individual as well as those who love them.  This problem is not a minor one…it is quite major since the percentage of those with depression is rising around the world.

And a society filled with people who do not wish to hope for a brighter future and more often like to be alone and tend to be gloomy unfortunately would not help to produce a brighter future that is beneficial to all humanity.

Many people also fail to understand that every person has their own sense of fashion, their own sense of style, their own personality and that what they look like, the pitch of their voice, the curves on their body or for that matter, even their gender, is not within their control and that it is just the way that they are born.

So seeing that they cannot fix whatever that triggers other people to dislike them, these individuals resort to either a life of isolation where they do not upset or disappoint another or some decide to end their lives.

This is a very serious problem since death rates due to suicide are rising and large numbers of valuable lives are lost in the process.
And while these lives are lost, so is the hope of building a brighter tomorrow. Since it’s the next generation or the teenagers that are entrusted with the responsibility of building a brighter future, there needs to be a stable, strong-minded and willed teenage community that’s willing to work towards a brighter tomorrow.

Another example of how strong words can be is, for example, books, where the author uses words to make the reader either cry or lose their appetite or even at very extremely rare cases, the will to live.

For example, the very well-known young adult novel The Fault in our Stars also known as TFIOS written by John Green is a book that made a huge impact on its readers leaving them in tears and unexplainable amounts of sadness as according to them, their hopes of a happy ending were shattered.

Now since books have no images, all emotions are narrated with words and the ability to make the reader cry or laugh is solely the author’s talent.

In books, the use of words play a tremendous part in creating imagination in the reader’s mind so that they are able to bond with the characters and thus have strong feelings towards what goes on in the story.

Words are used in our lives all the time and the amount of times we have thought about how strong they are is either only once or twice and that moment of thought doesn’t last long either.
But your words have more power than you imagine. There’s something creative and powerful about the words you speak. That’s why you need to think before you speak.

The first step is to become aware of what you’re saying. The second is to choose to exercise self-control.

Your words have the power to bring life or death to your life, your relationships and your future.

It’s time to think before you speak.

Words can strengthen or weaken (1)