Maithri thinks he is president. Mahinda thinks he is president. Ranil thinks he will be the president. Champika thinks that if he is the president he can do better than all three.

In the 80s the Ranatunga brothers were all cricketers. Today they are all politicians.

Maithri has started to speak the truth. That means he’s ceased to be a politician or he has forgotten politics or he is no longer a politician. Do we need a politician as our president or an honest man as our president? We prefer the politicians because we ourselves are politicians.

Colombo and Kurunegala
The best among the UNP have been fielded from the Colombo district and the best among the UPFA have been fielded in the Kurunegala district. That’s where Mahinda, Dayasiri, Johnston, T. B., and Shantha Bandara are.

Political star
Hirunika is a political star. Paba is not.

Paba’s face and Samanmalee’s heart
Paba has a sad face. That’s where her beauty lies. One can imagine the sadness in Samanmalee Sakalasuriya by seeing Paba’s face.

National List
Professor Sarath is saying that the best national list is from the JVP. That means he is against the national lists of the UNP and UPFA.

War and politics
In war Sarath wants to win. In politics Sarath is satisfied with just making speeches. He is there not to win or gain victory for himself. He is there to defeat Mahinda. That is his victory.

Sarath has sent his own wife to a battlefield where defeat is inevitable. But Anoma has gone there with the spirit of a true soldier.