A race in progress in the first race

The second part of the CEAT AMRC-SLADAR Tarmac Championship will be the SLT Katukurunda meet on the 25th and 26th of July.

There will be 22 different categories for racers to try to make their mark but the main events will be the SL GT up to 3500cc race and the SL-H Up to 1600cc race. Over 20 racers are expected to try to outdo each other to win those crowns while the motorbike races for up to 1000cc and 600cc are also predicted to be extremely popular. It’s clear that competition for the winner’s podium will be stiff but don’t be disheartened. Even if you don’t win, you’ll have had an enjoyable time at the race, mingling with other fans and marvelling at the beauty of the cars and motorbikes on display as well as the skill of the drivers.

In addition to the usual cars there will be racers in formula cars, those specially designed sleek beauties. Spectators can marvel at the clean, aerodynamic lines of the specially imported cars and then sit back and enjoy the Classic Car Parade during which those favourites of yesteryear will purr staidly down the track in all their antique glory.

Entries will be accepted at the SLARDAR Office, Nugegoda or at the Speed Drome, Battaramulla until 16th July.

Spectators can purchase tickets at either of the two gates, which will be operational for the duration of the meet.

The final set of races will be the Pannala Circuit Meet to be held in Pannala on the 3rd and 4th of October.

There will be plenty of events for the loyal fans to enjoy. As the last set of races, there will be a festive atmosphere including a dance on the race track itself and contests for the spectators to partake in. Perhaps you could go home with the prize for the most colourful car, the best decorated car, the loudest car stereo or even the most interestingly modified car! Other contest categories will be announced at the meet so even if you aren’t racing, keep your car keys ready. This could be your chance to shine.