It takes both friends and enemies to make a truly great person in life. Check the best place you have ever been in life, you will realize that you are there either because of critiques of enemies who think you can’t make it or because of friends who are counting on you to come out with flying colors. Either way, it makes you who you are today. If you have many enemies don’t be sad.

Just congratulate yourself because it is a sure sign that you are worth something and you are going somewhere in life. People hardly notice people who are nobodies in the world, but if you start to make a name for yourself and your status is announced, trust me! You become a target of the enemy and they would start asking questions on how you did it. The truth is to, however, never let the presence of enemies disturb, discompose or reduce your focus.
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Always see enemies as friends, because in their attempt to destroy you, they end up exposing and popularizing you. Through this, they open great doors of favor and opportunities for you. Without enemies, your name will never enter certain places. Think of this, where would Cristiano Ronaldo be today without enemies? He is the world’s best football player today, but was once criticized in Portugal which happen to be his own country that he was skinny and can never make it as a football player. This statement kept him going on and on, he kept working on his self image and body by not backing off.

Nowadays, Ronaldo is renowned for his sculptured physique and he explained that his success is all down to extra hours that he puts in at the gym. He revealed that he used the negativity to motivate himself to become the impressive physical specimen he is today. That is the power of critiques of enemies; if he had listened without taking any steps, he would not be called the world’s best footballer of our time.

I am sure some of us know the story of Joseph, David, Mordecai and Samson; where would they have been without the enemies in their lives?  I believe that enemies can turn nobody into somebody. A man’s greatness can be measured by the enemies he has and has conquered. The enemy you conquer today can make the difference between obscurity and significance.

Remember, the enemy you will first conquer is yourself because man is his own worst enemy. Learn to understand yourself and work on yourself every day. The critiques of enemies or friends will always be there but your own perception about it is what makes you weak or strong.  The second enemy is ignorance, don’t let it get to you, if you lack knowledge, try to seek and acquire some, be a theft of knowledge, dare to know new things and work on it.  The third is your fear; fear is the main source of superstition and one of the main sources of cruelty. To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom. If we let things terrify us, life will not be worth living. The concession of the weak is the concession of fear.

If you can conquer all these, then, you can afford to treat other enemies or friends well because you will outlive everyone of them and have the courage and strength to stand in the face of every obstacle without losing sight of purpose in your life. Remember, the hammer does all the knocking but the anvil lasts longer than the hammer. The funniest thing is that critiques of enemies make us strive for more and push ourselves a little but forward more than our expectation. Challenges from enemies make us think out of box, gives new ideas, perceptions, and adds more to our intellect and understanding about life.

Sometimes with friends’ support we tend to relax and get things on easy chair but with critiques of enemies we do not only acquire knowledge but are also able to be independent and outstanding. Instead of isolating our self in the face of enemies why not take a step of faith by standing up after being knocked down? It’s true, we don’t like enmity, but we tend to like the result of our strength when enemies push us towards greatness. People enjoy riches, glory, popularity and hate to sweat, forgetting that the riches and popularity is the product of the sweat.

Conclusively, attaining great things in life is the product of critiques of enemies and support of friends. They are there for a reason; to define you, change you and make you stronger.  So, don’t let critiques of enemies define you or your life; instead let it make you a better person.

A man once told me that he likes more enemies than friends and when I asked why, he smiled, looked at me and said, “Having much enemies would make me double my effort and if I fall I would quickly stand for them not to mock me and by the time they realize what is going on, I am already at the top.” Then, I didn’t understand what he meant but the older I get the more the statements become clearer to me.  So, don’t just be happy because of the friends in your life, also be happy because of the enemies who make your life worthy and make you what and who you are today. So keep your friends close and your enemies closer because you are braver than you know.