The leftist party, People’s Liberation Front says that both the major parties – the United National Party and the Sri Lanka Freedom Party have failed to introduce a profound development program for the country. “Both the main parties are in personal political aims and as individuals all of them are in a game of overcoming the candidate from same the party. Both the parties are far away from the purpose of engaging politics; serving the general public,” said by JVP leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake.

He also said that the people are fed up with this political culture which they are given numerous pledges during elections and later voters being failed to find out where those politicians are. “People are educated enough now and they know that they were taken for a ride by both the main parties. Instead of voting for such promises, people are looking for a practical program or plan to free them from the poverty. Only the JVP has such a practical national level development program,” he said.

He also said that the party comes to the election fray with a five year development program and it is high time to tell the politicians not to play with the poverty of the people. “It was the same pattern took place during last six decades and politicians who came to power played with the poverty stricken people and did not make any genuine effort to free them from the poverty. Some politicians are promising to create one million job opportunities. But, so far they do not have a plan how to do it. People must be educated on these ‘old habits’ of politicians and not to be fooled this time,” Dissanayake added.

He also said that both the major parties are not in a position to make a regime of their own and neither party will be able to get the majority. He stressed that the JVP will be the remote control of the next regime which is to be formed after the August 17 General Elections. “We will make a regime which reins the regime,” JVP Leader added.