A  person who acts and then acts the goat in real life, acts anyway. There is no fine line, or delineation.

But those who are thespians and act for a living have been greatly respected, some deified for their talent, and some remembered long after they are gone.

Those who act in real life, on the other hand, are forced to do so by circumstances – or are living a lie.

They don’t usually get any awards, but some get much satisfaction, and these include parents who pretend Santa Claus is real, before their kids learn otherwise and get to negotiate the real world.

But what of those who are actors, or are supposed to be actors, who either act in real life as pond scum, or are not acting but are born to be idiots or worse?
Ranjan Ramanayake is supposed to be a movie actor, and has been in the public eye for quite some time, but has not quite learnt the art of acting his age, and that is to put it charitably.

But yet, for an actor, this guy is a natural born comedian.

What's CookingIt is sad from his point of view at least, that he does not realize it, or that he cannot put on his comic act when he is acting. In real life he is acting out, but when he is acting, he is not his real self obviously, which is a pity, as it would have served him much better to have been his real self and not have to act at all to be the lead clown of the jokers’ pack.
This has been the paradox as far as this specimen’s acting career is concerned and specimen here is used in the most basic sense of the word, considering that the subject of this essay is given to making a lewd display of his pectorals and essentially disporting himself as some kind of muscled robot.

But his real life comic act has made such vast strides in the recent past that it is time that he got rid of the actor appellation and called himself a full time standup comic.

This way he wouldn’t have to show off his muscles for a living, or have to spend one more minute, trying to do artificially what comes to him so naturally to a point that it is hard to imagine Ramanayake without his foot in his you know where…

That sort of advise to be himself confuses his brain, it’s certain, even though using Ranjan Ramanayake and brain in one sentence may be a bit of a contortionist act by itself any day for the average, reasonable person.

Ramanayake does not have a real life comedy show or what could be called a reality show, but since he is afforded TV time by various broadcasters, he makes up for the lack of a formal reality show in his name by ham acting which as was said earlier, is a case of merely being himself.

In recent examples, for instance, he has been challenging his show’s anchor-person about calling various people to ‘ascertain the truth.’

In his last outing, the female in charge of the show was quote vociferous in her entreaty to him to desist from calling the Governor of the Central Bank on his hand-phone to ascertain whether the latter had gone abroad.

Her subject, our stand-up man, called the said individual anyway, and told him, now I know, your passport is with the Bribery Commissioner, so please tell our viewers that you never went abroad.

The voice at the other end of the line,  that of the Governor, is clear. No Ranjan, he says, ‘I did go abroad.’

Ramanayake’s face goes purple at this stage and I will spare the reader the other details about how the man ate humble pie, having called his friend the Governor when he was repeatedly advised against it by the show’s moderator.

In another example of natural-born showmanship, he was asked by not one, but two of the moderators at a talk show this year to provide evidence that the former regime’s leadership had owned what he called ‘ran asspayo’, or horses made out of pure 24 carat.
The two anchormen were keen to know which State Intelligence Unit had substantiated his claim, and our natural born ham says that there was no state intelligence unit in possession of such information.

Since there was not enough evidence to hang a dead rat with, the anchors were embarrassed that they had to air such a claim on their show, but asked anyway about any kind of evidence that our man might possess to substantiate his claim.

Says Ramanayake that his own intelligence has found out that there were such horses, to which the anchors reply with the choicest that they can manage on live television. The look on the face of our comedian born with the dunce cap in his mouth was priceless.

This man who walks with his shoulders so to speak (that’s how much care he takes to display his abs at any given opportunity) may be on the one hand doing what most opposition people do these days, which is to comically hold onto the debunked untruth about mass scale corruption on the part of the former regime.

But Ramanayake does this bit about vilifying the opposition with such flair that each time he trains his guns at the guys on the other side, he unerringly ends up destroying himself.

No stand-up comedian has had this measure of success at this level of consistency. Ramanayake, deserves the lifetime’s achievement award for natural born buffoonery.
Such star quality, and they tell me he is trying to act it?